As I was interviewing (interrogating) Sam for this blogpost on my first day of meeting him, I discovered a guy with talents in all manner of creative mediums, the majority honed to a professional level. Photography, fine-art, sound engineering, video production, playing guitar, teaching and of course, Graphic Design are just some of the skills at Sam’s disposal. He even used to build guitars like you used to build Airfix.

He studied Fine Art at the Cumbria College Of Art & Design and he previously worked as a creative technician at a local school for the last 10 years, doing in-house design and helping students as well as everything in-between.

Many designers say Adobe’s Creative Suite is unmasterable due to the sheer amount of content and near-infinite combinations and effects available. But if there was a master of it, it would be Sam. His father was a designer and when the first Mac was created, they spent much of their time learning the various software and building from the original techniques of printing for design. This is something he has continued with throughout his life, honing his skills and learning new ones as the creative world changed. Being creative is second nature to Sam and Creative Suite is a powerful tool to utilise.

Not only is Sam an avid designer but his love for photography brought him into the world of the stock photography which he does as a paid hobby. He has modelled as a mad scientist, a soldier and even a gambler as well as selling the rights to some amazing landscape shots. You can find his work on iStock.

Enjoy your time here Sam and help yourself to the biscuit jar!