Stockton-on-Tees Cycling Festival

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Stockton-on-Tees Cycling Festival is an annual festival dedicated to cycling. The festival blurs the lines between competitive cycling and family cycling with professional races taking place on the same tracks as ride-along family events. As well as this, there is stunt BMXing events on offer for visitors.

“The Stockton Cycling Festival was combined with the British Cycling National Road Championships which resulted in a unique but rewarding design brief – something that Twentyseven Design challenged head on! One of the most pleasing aspects of Twentyseven’s work was the variety of choices they presented to us and also the adaptability of these choices, allowing us to create a strong, versatile brand that was used to celebrate one of the biggest sporting events in the cycling calendar.”

Town Centre Marketing and Engagement Manager, Stockton Borough Council

We were tasked with developing the logo and visual identity system for this annual event. The logo resembles not only the spokes of a wheel but the outreach that this event has within the community. It also visually links in with the Stockton Borough Council logo. We wanted the branding to reflect not only the competitive nature of cycling but also the fun, family-friendly and fitness-orientated side to the sport.

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