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The first Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) took place in August 1988 and this exotic outdoor art event has been growing in scale and popularity since then.

“We involved Twentyseven Brand and Design from the earliest stage of our work to rebrand a major visitor attraction in the Borough. Their ability to respond intelligently to the brief and to grasp the aims of the project meant that they developed options for us which not only met the exact requirements of the brief but also took us beyond our initial thinking to achieve our aims.

“The imaginative branding of the 25th anniversary of SIRF has been a huge success. The design quality and service delivery throughout the campaign has been first class.”

Head of Communications, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

To mark the 25th anniversary event, we were asked to create a visual identity and design a wide range of marketing materials. We commissioned an illustration of the number 25 featuring highlights from past shows. This symbol was applied consistently across promotional materials and as decoration on the streets of Stockton, evoking a powerful sense of celebration.

We were delighted to learn attendance numbers were triple the expected crowd size on the opening evening.

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