Hoodoo Blues

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Hoodoo Blues is a Newcastle based events company leading the blues dance scene in the North-East of England. They organise regular nights, attracting beginners and experienced dancers as well as renowned blues musicians and dance teachers from the UK, Europe and the US.

“I was really impressed with how Twentyseven understood what we are trying to achieve. Their friendly working approach and energy made for a very enjoyable and rewarding creative process.”

Director of Fun, Hoodoo Blues

We were pleased to be asked to develop a new visual identity that is welcoming and friendly to beginners and experienced dancers alike. The logo mark is inspired by the improvisational nature of blues referencing the position of feet when dancing. Using the typeface, we looked to capture the earthy and organic nature synonymous with blues dancing. The dance’s origin is rooted in the long working days of the cotton pickers in the US’s deep south. Following the development of the visual identity, we have created a range of marketing materials.

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