Beamish Museum Identity

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Beamish, described as The Living Museum of the North, tells the story of the people of North East England during the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods. The open-air museum replicates a complete northern community within its 300 acres of County Durham countryside, complete with a pit village, colliery, town, 1940s farm, railway station and old hall.

“I have been impressed by Twentyseven’s intuitive understanding of the ‘Beamish’ brand, and ability to visually convey the rich and vivid experience of visiting an open air museum – not an easy task! With the Case for Support project, Twentyseven immediately grasped the needs of the brief and brought so much to the table – as well as significant experience of working on similar projects, the collaboration with photographer Rebecca Hughes achieved an outstanding result. Twentyseven’s clever creative direction of the photography has given us a batch of images that portray museum exhibits not yet built, once again a challenging brief!

“Twentyseven were consistently fast to deliver new ideas and always helpful throughout the whole process. I was impressed by their level of attention to detail and would recommend them unreservedly.”

Assistant Director, Partnerships And Communications Beamish Museum

We won the tender to design and print a new Beamish magazine featuring news, features and behind-the-scenes stories from the museum. The design blends traditional elements with contemporary layouts to create an engaging publication that builds on the brand image. We continue to produce the magazine quarterly and we’ve since gone on to create a wide range of other publications and marketing materials including a cookery book.

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